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Head Start Policy Council

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The Head Start Policy Council

Policy Council is the guiding body of Head Start and is involved with decisions concerning the entire program.  For example, Policy Council must approve the annual budget, grant applications, and certain changes in the program. Without parent's input at Policy Council, this program cannot function!!  All official business is documented by minutes that list the names of members who participate by giving reports or by making motions to vote on.

Parent Representatives
to Policy Council are elected at the beginning of the program year at their local parent group meetings.  Community Representatives (other people who are interested in the program, such as grandparents, friends, past Head Start Parents, and other community people) are chosen and approved by Policy Council, and are voting members of Policy Council.  There are Community Representatives for each county.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend Policy Council. If they are not the elected representative, they can still participate in the discussions and committees, and if their elected representatives are not able to be present, they may be able to vote in their place.
Refreshments and/or a meal are provided by the program.
You could be elected as a voting member and represent the views of your local group!   Don't hesitate…if you like to make things happen, let other parents know that they can elect you.


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