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Head Start Parent Involvement

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Parent Involvement

 Head Start’s philosophy is that we get better results for our children by working in partnership with our families.  We work in partnership with families through conferences and home visits where parents and teachers can discuss the individual child’s development and progress, encouraging parents to volunteer in or observe their child’s classroom, as often as they are able, becoming involved in their local Parent Group and Policy Council, and working with their Family Support Specialists for assistance with any goals or issues they may have.

Parent involvement is encouraged. Parents learn to encourage children’s growth and development through trainings, and observing the teacher’s interactions with the children. At Parent Group, they plan activities for parents and get to know other parents. Volunteering can also provide parents with work experience that can be added to their resume.

Parents are permitted unlimited access to the center during hours of operation to contact their child and evaluate services or the premises.

Just inform the teachers upon your arrival.

Parent Group

Parent Groups meet regularly, and are scheduled at times that parents tell us are convenient for them.  Parent, please let your Family Support Specialist know what time(s) are best for you. Parent Group meetings are opportunities for parents to learn more about topics such as: how the program runs, child development, nutrition, discipline and parenting ideas, coping with stress, health, and first aid. 

At Parent Group meetings, parents can:

Attend trainings for parents about topics they request

Learn about community events/issues

Meet other parents who also have 3-5 year olds

Share ideas and moral support with other parents

Talk about how their Head Start site operates

Elect representatives to Policy Council

Have a say in how Head Start is operated

Plan activities for Head Start Parents


* Every parent is a member of the Parent Group.  Active parents ensure the program is the most beneficial for parents and children. 

We know parents are busy . . . but Parent Groups can do a lot for children and parents, and they're fun!

All parents are encouraged to come.

Other family and friends are also welcome.

  *When we say "parent" we are also referring to guardians, foster parents, grandparents who are raising their grandchild, or any other person who is in the role of parent for the Head Start Child.


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